All in one

Distinctive feature of TB-Force Company is “All-in-one” concept.

You will get complete range of procurement, forwarding and certification services from one provider. We will take care about everything.

Maximum optimization of organisation, security, time and costs of delivery.


Forwarding Division of TB-Force Company was formed to provide our customers and trading partners with comprehensive, cost effective and reliable range of international Sea, Air & Road freight forwarding services.
Our expertise includes shipping by all means of international transportation to and from:

  • European countries (Germany, Italy, Austria, UK, etc.);
  • Russia:
  •  Moscow region,
  •    Ural region (Ekaterinburg, Polevskoi, Kamensk-Uralskiy, Nizhni Tagil, Pervouralsk),
  •    South region (Taganrog, Rostov, Volgograd, Volzhsky);
  • CIS countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc);
  • Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania);
  • Central Asia

It is part of our strategy to link all our operations as closely as possible, exploit synergies and thus achieve added value in the services we render to our customers. For this reason alone, the range of services we provide today represents the sum of such positive attributes as first-class service, greatest reliability, high technical standards and an efficient cost structure.

We provide professional and fast transport solutions for shipments of all kind and sizes, emphasizing the following.

  • Complete range of transport and logistics services from one provider
  • International freight  forwarding
  • Wide range of warehouse logistics services
  • Customs clearance of import and export shipments
  • Supply-chain design and optimization consulting

Our wide range of services in many parts of the world, individual and flexible approach allows us to elaborate and develop transport concepts, which best fit the logistic needs of our customers and achieve maximum optimization of organisation, security, time and costs of delivery. Combining the best technologies, ideas and experience with the practical expertise in peculiarities of international trade, forwarding and logistic businesses allows us to develop an optimum solution for each and every project.

Our qualified specialists handle complex transportation tasks every day and are constantly looking for the smartest of all viable solutions in order to offer them to our clients.

Among TB-Force's clients you will find international, national, industrial and trade companies, cooperation with which is our pride and proves our unstained reputation, based on quality service, experience and stability.

TB -Force is a reliable and competent partner, who will take a professional approach to your logistics challenges developing a solution that best fits your needs.

Looking forward to our future cooperation