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GOST R Certificate of Conformity

GOST R Certificate of Conformity

Today GOST R Certificate of Conformity is the most common permissive document in Russia testifying that your product meets necessary safety standards.

There are two types (colors) of GOST R Certificate of Conformity:

  • “Yellow” – Certificate of Conformity for products subject to obligatory certification.
  • “Blue” - Certificate of Conformity for products not subject to obligatory certification. Certification of such products is optional.

Voluntary certification is initiated with the aim to formally prove the conformity of products to the applicable Russian standards, technical norms or recipes. In other words, GOST R Certificate of Conformity is a powerful marketing tool to capture Russian customer.

Decision whether your product is subject to obligatory certification or not is made depending on the Custom tariff number to be used. If your product is included in the List of products subject to mandatory certification within GOST R system, then it has to be certified.

Types of certification schemes:

Scheme 3, 3a – Mass production (Manufacturer).
Validity varies from 1 to 3 years depending on the nature of the product, test results, manufacturing conditions and other factors. Such certificate enables you to export unlimited times and quantities of heterogeneous goods produced during the certificate validity period. This type of GOST R certificate is especially suitable for a company with regular export activities and a wide product range. To ensure the compliance of products to Russian standards after the certificate has been issued, an annual inspection by accredited Certification Body is necessary.

Scheme 2, 7 – Contract.
Intended whether for the products delivered within definite time, normally 1-2 years, or for definite quantities agreed in the contract.

Scheme 9 – Single shipment.
Valid for one consignment only, i.e. for a certain quantity and type of product. It can be issued only if you are able to prove who will be your customer/importer in Russia by means of a contract or an invoice.