All in one

Distinctive feature of TB-Force Company is “All-in-one” concept.

You will get complete range of procurement, forwarding and certification services from one provider. We will take care about everything.

Maximum optimization of organisation, security, time and costs of delivery.


The core activity of the Certification Division of TB-Force Company is to assist our Clients and Partners in obtaining certificates and other permissive documents required by local regulations and/or local customers.

Depending on the nature of the goods you are planning to ship to Russia or to another CIS country, you may need to comply with one or more certification requirements. There are 19 mandatory certification systems regulated by Laws of the Russian Federation (“GOST R”, “Fire Safety” etc) and over 300 voluntary ones.

TB-Force assists exporters in obtaining a number of approvals necessary to supply,  sell or to exploit their products in the Russian territory such as:

  • GOST R Certificates of Conformity
  • Exemption letter for products that are not subject to mandatory GOST R certification.
  • Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion Certificate (formerly known as Hygienic Certificate) for products in contact with human body;
  • Fire Safety Certificate for flammable or fire extinguishing products;
  • Rosstroy Certificate for construction products;
  • GOST R Declaration of Conformity for some consumer goods and industrial instrumentation;
  • Certificate of State Product Registration for new foodstuff and some other goods presenting a potential danger for human beings;
  • Pattern Approval Certificate for measuring instruments;
  • Ex-Proof Certificate for explosion-proof equipment and materials;
  • RTN (ex GGTN) Permit to Use for hazardous industrial equipment;
  • Telecom Type Approval for telecommunication equipment and devices;

It is part of our strategy to link all our operations as closely as possible, exploit synergies and thus achieve added value in the services we render to our customers. For this reason alone, the range of services we provide today represents the sum of such positive attributes as first-class service, greatest reliability and an efficient cost structure.